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In this months newsletter we have Ti Lite and Frank Mobility as our Product Spotlights of the month. Click on the images to watch the Frank Mobility video feature and to visit Ti Lite's amazing website. Don't miss our Community Involvement section by David Monceaux!
Team News
Walt Anderson - July 16
David Monceaux - July 17
Steffen Tiskus - July 17
Bob Maloney - July 22
Steffen Tiskus - 9 years
The EasyStand Evolv Glider has recently been nominated by a reader of as Most Valuable Product  for their MVP Awards!! If you are a clinician, or know of a clinician who may be a candidate to write an article, case study, or blog post for contact 
Easystand is always looking for samples of successful letters of medical necessity. We appreciate your expertise and sharing your network of EasyStand customers with us.
Product Spotlight
The Aero X features TiLite's Tru-Fit Component System comprised of the Rigid Folding Mechanism, Adjustable Bullet Front Caster Housing and Curved Axle Plate.  Instead of bolting through frame-weakening holes, Tru-Fit System components clamp directly onto the side frames.  The Tru-Fit System eliminates one of the main stress points on today's wheelchairs by reducing the number of holes in the frame by 50%.  In addition, the Tru-Fit System allows for infinite adjustability of its components since there is no need to line up components with pre-drilled holes. This design innovation also greatly improves the durability of the Aero X frame.
The TiLite Aero Z is fully adjustable, making it ideal for new users or those with changing needs.  TiLite's Tru-Fit system makes changing the center of gravity a snap.  By clamping onto the frame instead of bolting through it, the Tru-Fit system also dramatically improves the chair's durability by reducing the number of holes in the frame.  The Tru-Fit System's innovative axle plate design makes transporting the chair easier because the axle plate never extends below the camber tube.
Frank Mobility - NEW M-15 e-motion!
New Ergonomic Control System (ECS) that customizes the e-motion M15 to the users needs!
  • Rollback delay! Pevents the wheelchair from rolling back while climbing inclines or ramps
  • Two power assistance levels
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • 10 programmable parameters
  • Self-diagnosis for easy trouble shooting
In support of TEAM MSL, Mike Laky has chosen the 3 Day Tampa for his charity this month.  Laura Raigoza, Jill Girard and Stefanie Rey will each be walking 60 miles this Fall to raise money for  Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Collectively, Team MSL will raise over $6,900!
Can you imagine a world without breast cancer? It's hard, given how pervasive the disease is. But go ahead, let yourself envision that world. Because it's not a fantasy. It's a reality within our grasp. Each step you take on the Breast Cancer 3-Day brings us closer to ending the disease forever.
If you would like to make a donation to support Team MSL in their fundraising efforts, please go to
Search for Team MSL and make your donation.  Thank you!
Community Involvement by David Monceaux
11th Annual MDA Bocce Tournament

One of my favorite times of the year is when I get to host a Bocce Tournament at the MDA summer camp. From the passion that Paula Orandash, Healthcare Service Coordinator for MDA, puts into the week to make sure the kids have the time of their lives, to the high school volunteers who unselfishly give up a whole week to bond and work with these kids! Not to mention the firemen who come out in the morning to prepare breakfast.

Firemen know how to cook and eat! I had to share a picture of this huge pancake that one of our finest consumed. Joking aside I'm always humbled watching these people serve and the smiles on these special kids faces.
This years' competition was fierce. Cabin 3 came out on fire winning the first round. Cabin 1 won the second round in record time, but Cabin 3's ferocious competitiveness was too much for Cabin 1 to handle. So congratulations to Cabin 3. Enjoy your year long reign and see you next year! 

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