October '09 Newsletter            Facility Edition
Dear Laura,

In this month's newsletter Product Spotlight we have Magicwheels. We also highlight Freedom Design's Freedom CGX wheelchair and Bodypoint's Sub-Asis pads and belts
Team News
"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their warm birthday wishes as I passed a minor milestone. More importantly is that I wake up each and every morning excited for another day. All of your energy, efforts and personalities make it easy and fun. I love what we do and look forward to what we can accomplish together. Put simply, you motivate me! Thanks again for all the birthday wishes."
Sincerely, Mike
James Bendall - October 14th
Jill Girard - October 17th
CONGRATULATIONS to James Bendall on winning the VA Support Surface Challenge and.......$1,000! Great job!!!!!! 
Product Spotlight
The first ever 2 gear manual wheels!
These all-mechanical wheelchair hubs use a patented 2-geared drive technology specifically designed for manual wheelchairs. MAGICWHEELS® can be adapted to fit most manual wheelchairs. We offer 10 different handrim options which allow for use on both 2 and 4 speed models. Each wheel has an easy-to-use shifting mechanism that allows users to switch gears with minimal effort.
Please note: MSL Associates, Inc. does not sell Sunrise products.

Freedom Designs - Freedom CGX
Freedom Designs 
Freedom Designs is pleased to announce the introduction of the NEW Freedom CGX (Center of Gravity eXperience) tilt-in-space wheelchair. Users, caregivers, and home medical equipment providers often complain that the appearances of tilt-in-space wheelchairs have been congested and uncreative . The team at Freedom Designs tackled that issue and introduced the CGX, which has a clean and open appearance. With its robust frame design and the required functionality needed for a tilt-in-space chair it is creating new excitement in the market!
Bodypoint - Sub-Asis pads and belts
Sub-ASIS pads combined with a special Velcro®-compatible belt, provide two firm points of contact with the pelvis. The result is greatly enhanced stability and improved control of obliquity and rotation. The unique SynerGel™-filled pad design comfortably spaces the belt away from the abdomen, reducing pressure on the bladder.

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Upcoming Events
October 13-15, 2009
Medtrade Fall
Atlanta, GA
November 4-5, 2009
Pindot Certification Seminar
Elyria, Ohio
December 2-3, 2009 
Freedom Design Seminar
Tampa, FL

MSL Gives Back
Step It Up Recovery
Jodi Smilgelski
 has chosen to sponsor Step It Up Recovery. They are a nonprofit organization established to help those suffering with a spinal cord injury (SCI) to improve their daily living by regaining function and perhaps even walking again.
This program is modeled after the highly successful Project Walk® in Carlsbad, California. They will use Project Walk's® specialized, aggressive and comprehensive exercise based program named The Dardzinski Method™. This is a proven methodology for SCI recovery and extends the program's reach and affordability to Florida residents and those on the eastern coast of the United States.   
This organization opened its doors in May and is in need of equipment.  I will be doing a walk for them on September 12th to help raise money.  So far the participants that I have met are young and ambitious and will be very successful in their lives. 
They have been very proactive in making sure to help keep their bodies in the best health possible.  It is great to experience their positive attitudes towards life. I wish every spinal cord patient could have this opportunity and take advantage of it 


Team MSL Supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
3day Cancer Walk
Please click on the link above and search for TEAM MSL to make a donation.  Thank you for your support! 

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