February '10 Newsletter                 Facility Edition

This month in our Product Spotlight we have the PDG Fuze T50 Power Tilt, Bodypoint Hip Grip and ROHO's NEW Hybrid Elite Cushion. 
Team News
Kathy Earley - February 5
William Smith - 1 year
PDG FuzeT50 Power Tilt
PDG FuzeT50
This is a power-tilt modification to a Fuze T50. Total added weight is about 4Kg, a great option for someone who wants to be able to change position. This design won PDG the Providers Choice Award at MedTrade 2007. 
Bodypoint Hip Grip
Bodypoint Hip Grip 
An innovative dynamic pelvic stabilization device to help the wheelchair user maintain pelvic stability while allowing functional pelvic movements. The Hip Grip™ allows the pelvis to perform a natural anterior and posterior range of motion, while providing variable resistance to return the pelvis to its neutral posture. 
ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion
ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushioon
Introducing the NEW! ROHO Hybrid Elite™ Cushion - the wheelchair cushion that combines the superb skin protection and shape matching ability of ROHO DRY FLOATATION® with the stability of Jay® base technology. The new cushion design allows for improved pelvic alignment and stability for improved position and function while maintaining optimal immersion and envelopment of both the ischial tuberosities and greater trochanters.

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