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MSL Associates, Inc.
January 2009 
MSL Associates, Inc.
Customer Service Kudos
Lori Spencer
 Customer Service Kudos this month goes to Lori Spencer from Snug Seat for the great support she gives to our team.  Lori is always quick to respond to voice mails and help with accounts receivable questions.
Lori, we appreciate all you do!  We will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card - enjoy!
Upcoming Events
January 12-13, 2009
Liko Home Care School
Franklin, MA 
February 3-4, 2009
ROHO Sales Meeting
Tampa, FL
February 18-19, 2009
Freedom Design Seminars
Atlanta, GA
March 12-14, 2008
 International Seating Symposium 
Orlando, FL
April 14-16, 2009
ROHO CEU Program
Atlanta, GA  

May 6-7, 2009 
Freedom Design Seminar
Chicago, IL
August 11-13, 2009 
ROHO CEU Program
Chicago, IL 
December 2-3, 2009 
Freedom Design Seminar
Tampa, FL
Industry Update
Frank Mobility is excited to 
announce that their Emotion power assist category (E0986) got a 5% increase in the reimbursement allowable and is NOT part of the competitive bidding which got a 9.5% reduction.
Happy New Year!Happy
Team News

MSL Birthdays
 Laura Raigoza - January 30
MSL Anniversaries
 Mike Laky - 11 years!
David Monceaux - 11 years!
Alfred Gomez - 9 years!
Kathy Earley - 2 years!
Gary Kreps - 1 year! 
New Team Members
Please join us in welcoming new team members Jodi Smigelski and Rick Echemendia.  As of January 1, Jodi will be our representative for the Central and Northeast Florida territories.  Rick will be our representative in south Florida.  Contact information for Jodi and Rick is as follows:
 Jodi Smigelski
Phone: 352-638-5169
Rick Echemendia
Rick Echemendia
Phone: 786-287-4862
Rehab Product of the Month
Z10 TiLite Z10 -
Limited Edition! 
  • 4 new anodize colors available
  • Carbon fiber components are tinted to match the anodize color
  • Tapered rear stuts make the chair laterally sturdier
  • Bullet Caster Housing reduces the weight of the chair
  • Single-sided fork seamlessly integrates with the Bullet Caster Housing
  • Backrest hinge joins seamlessly with the frame tube
  • Spinery LX wheels are black and accented to match the selected anodize color
  • 3 different tattoo designs available on the titanium

Congratulations to our valued manufacturer TiLite for 10 Outstanding years of business!

DME Product of the Month
Mada Infection Control Products
 Mada Medical
  • MadaCide-1 Disinfectant/Cleaner-alcohol free
  • MadaCide-FD (Fast Drying). Disinfectant/Cleaner contains alcohol to facilitate drying
  • MadaGel Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • MadaFoam Plus Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer
  • Steri-Fab Disinfectant/Cleaner for porous surfaces
  • MadaCide-FDW-Plus Wipes Disinfecting/Deodorizing/Cleaning Wipes
MSL Gives Back
On Friday, December 19th 2008 my family was both honored and touched to witness the homecoming of our neighbor, SSG Jose Pequeño, United States Army.  He was deployed to Iraq in 2005 and today is considered one of the most severely wounded American servicemen to return home from either of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The homecoming was truly touching.  Streets were lined with cars and motorcycles filled with fellow servicemen and decorated with American flags.  That same evening I mentioned to my family that it was our turn for the MSL Gives Back donation.  Simultaneously my boys suggested that we do something special for the Veterans.  So, we did just that.  On Christmas Eve, we passed out dozens of pies and cookies at the Tampa Veterans Hospital with a note attached that simply said "Thank You".
Thank you to MSL for allowing me to share this experience with my family.
Jill Girard
MSL Gives Back
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