September '09 Newsletter         Facility Edition
Dear Laura,

In this month's newsletter Product Spotlight we have the 3 Switch Head Array fom Switch It.  We also highlight 21st Century's Bounder Plus Wheelchair and Snug Seat's NEW Serval Frame stroller. 
Team News
Mike Laky - September 11th
Product Spotlight
The Switch It 3 switch head array has multiple advantages over other head array:
  • Better headrest cover material (Reverse Dartex has clinical and durable advantages over Naugahyde).
  • Zippered covers for easy and cost-effective replacement, as well as for access to proximity sensors for custom placement.
  • Heavier-duty cables are hard-wired to dipswitch panel on rear of backpad evaluation and training.
  • Universal to ALL Manufacturers' wheelchairs and plug directly into the chair's specialty control module without need for additional interface box.
  • Sensors are specifically designed and safer for wheelchair application.
  • Monojack for reverse/mode embedded directly in the headrest to run a mechanical switch, so that the switch cable does not have to run all the way down to the specialty control module.
21st Century - BOUNDER Plus
21st Century
Power wheelchair users need their chairs. This is a fact. Good seating, smooth ride, and reliability are necessary. Sometimes it is also NECESSARY to drive "off-road" perhaps your environment is not all paved city streets. When the going gets tough, TOUGH BOUNDER users really get going - going with the OFF-ROAD OPTION!
Snug Seat - NEW! Serval Frame Stroller
Snug Seat
The Snug Seat Serval™ stroller makes getting around easy. This sturdy but simple folding base has been designed to make life easier for parents and care givers without compromising comfort. The carefully designed construction ensures that the child can see what is going on or allows them to rest in a tilted and reclined position. The Serval™ comes in two sizes and is ideal for child up to 8 years of age. 
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MSL Gives Back
Steffen Tiskus has chosen to sponsor Thumbuddy Special Foundation.  This group was organized 15 years ago by special education teachers and therapists to raise money to provide adaptive equipment and toys for children with special needs.  Additionally, they provide scholarships for children to attend camp through special recreation associations and to make family homes accessible.
Visit their website:
If you too would like to make a contribution to the Thumbuddy Special Foundation, please send your check to:  Thumbuddy Special, PO Box 145, Downers Grove, IL 60515.

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