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Hi all,

There are a lot of days that I love my job.... for various reasons. Today, Elijah was the reason I love my job.

On this past Tuesday, Elijah received a trial wheelchair with a standing option. He is going to be able to try it out for a couple weeks. At the time of the fitting of the wheelchair, Elijah got his big beautiful smile on his face and asked if he would be able to stand for the pledge of allegiance! My, the things we take for granted sometimes! I was touched at that moment, and I was more touched today.

Mrs. Q. texted me to let me know that Elijah arrived to school early so that he could be in his trial chair and ready when it was time for the pledge.  When I saw Elijah later this morning, he proudly announced to me that he stood for the pledge. In his words, he was"smiling so much he couldn't even say the pledge!!!!"   All of these years and I had nooooo idea that it would be so important to him! I'm proud of him, and am complimenting the Gomez family in raising such a wonderful and patriotic little boy!  Elijah made my day and my week, and probably my year!

Thanks to all who have patiently allowed us to disrupt class and pull Elijah out of his lessons so that we could accomplish what, to him, is a very important aspect of his life! Thanks to Dan and Steffan (MSL Associates, Inc.) for making this all happen so quickly. I'm sure we will have a definitive plan soon about what the next step will be. In the meantime, we will need to take some pictures of Elijah using this trial chair, and I will definitely make some kind of arrangement so I can get a picture during the Pledge of Allegiance!!!!!   :)

Cathy K.... Can you please forward this to Dan Oganovich and Steffan.  Thanx!

Enjoy the weekend!
Maureen J.

One of my clients who recently got the new M15 Emotion Wheels to replace the old M12's stated that he was "super pleased" with them. He feels his independence has improved, it's easier to push, he fits on the ramp to his van now, and he was able to push around Disney World all day without any problems or changing batteries. He loves the new M15's and feels they've changed his life!

K.T. ,Tampa, FL

We use toy bars in Erin's life because she is visually impaired and it empowers her to play because she can recover the toy easily. She is banging the toy on the tray to her occupational therapist's delight because prior to the X-Panda Erin was assessed for fine/gross motor skills. She did not do very well because she didn't demonstrate certain things. Banging a toy on a tray was one of those things. She did it on her own the first time she was able to sit unassisted. She loves sitting and playing for an hour at a time. Before the X-Panda she was never able to sit without us holding her. It has been the best thing ever!!!!!

Keep up the great work!”
Kim K.

Prime Engineering very much appreciates our working relationship with Kathy and Steffen and has high regard for the MSL organization. Your company stands out in quality and your collective efforts to that end are apparent. I'm sorry we were not able to have the chat you had suggested, but look forward to a strong, continued collaboration between our companies.

Mary Wilson Boegel

I appreciate David from MSL brining Freedom Designs to my attention.  I really like convenience.  It saves me a lot of time and money.  I open one box and have my wheelchair.  I open the second box and there is my seating system configured to my client’s specification with the headrest.  It is ready to be delivered!  Thanks MSL and Freedom!

Timothy C.

We work with patients with neuromuscular disorders like ALS and muscular dystrophies, and we often have urgent needs for equipment or demos. The staff at MSL has always been extremely responsive, both with our patients at their homes and here at our seating/medical clinic. Walt Anderson has always assisted at our clinic whenever needed, and keeps us up to date with the latest equipment. His support allows us to give the most effective patient care we can.

Amber L . Ward, OTR/L, ATP; Kerry Duffy, MHS, PT
Neuroscience and Spine Institute, Dept of Neurology
Carolinas Neuromuscular/ALS-MDA Center
Charlotte, NC

We at LEVO appreciate MSL’s success and focus on standing technology.

David Leckey, CEO
Dane Industries

You guys have always done a great job for us Mike. Good luck in the future. And hang in there.

Thomas Henley
Henley Medical, Tennessee


Shriners Hospital for Children Seating and Mobility program here in Tampa has been supported tremendously over the years by MSL and we are appreciative of the outstanding service and expertise MSL has brought to our program. We will continue our support of your company by doing what we do best…..Serving Florida’s children with the finest seating and mobility product that meets the child’s functional and medical needs. MSL helps us make that possible.

Good luck and continued success.

Craig Kraft, ATP
Director, Seating & Mobility
Shriners Hospital for Children
Tampa, FL

I am proud to have you (MSL) as a member of our team! Good luck in all of your future opportunities.

Ann Quigley
Manager, Customer Service
Motion Concept

I have worked consistently with MSL Associates for the nearly 7 years. Mike Laky and his group of representatives are very knowledgeable about the latest assistive technology products, and serve as an indispensable resource for meeting the needs of my clients.

Chad Adams, KT
Lake City, FL

I have know Mike Laky for 15 years when he worked first as a rehab supplier, part owner of a rehab supply company, and now representing rehabilitation products for MSL Associates.   With my 30 years of experience in the PT profession I have seen many manufacture representatives come and go.  Often times they are difficult to get a hold of and can be impossible to obtain their products to evaluate with a client.   Mike is an incredible asset as a part of the rehab team in determining the best assistive technology for a patient.  He and his team of representatives are easy to contact and are extremely responsive in obtaining evaluation equipment.  Their follow up communication is exceptional as well.  Mike’s vision to start MSL Associates became a very successful reality. The manufactures represented by MSL Associates and the local heath care professionals are fortunate to have MSL Associates in our community.

Arleen Sand, PT

“MSL Associates is always prompt in returning my phone calls and they do whatever they can to get me quality demo products in a very short amount of time. Mike Laky is the only rep I can recall that sends me thank-you cards for using his products and it’s that little something extra that reminds me to call Mike and his team whenever I need help.”

Danny Leibach, ATS, CRTS
Barnes Healthcare Services/Optioncare
Senior Territory Manager/Rehabilitation Services
Gainesville, FL Territory

"Jill @ MSL is an excellent rep. Her willingness to work hard is only over shadowed by her upbeat attitude. Jill is always there when you need her."

Alan Lee
USA Medical Group, Inc.

As a rehab facility we see numerous patients each year that have a need for a pressure-relieving cushion. I am happy to report that Roho Cushions are one of the 2 cushions that we recommend the most.

Bob Maloney, our representative, has always kept us up to date with samples and literature on the latest cushions and is always willing to inservice us.

This week we were in need of a chair with E-MOTION push assist wheels and Bob delivered it the next day.

Bob does a great job and his personality makes him enjoyable to work with!

Katie Mullins
Equipment Referral Coordinator
Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
Lexington, KY 40504

We are so proud of Walt Anderson (MSL
Associate of the Month)! He is well loved and respected in NC!

Kim Chandler/Rehab Director
Med Emporium Charlotte, NC

"I recently met and talked extensively with Walt Anderson at the North Carolina Assistive Technology Expo. He was fun to talk with and we shared many philosophies. Great choice for employee of the month!"

Karen Haas, PT
Regional Pediatric PT Consultant
NC Division of Public Health

Just a note to say how much we appreciate your good information, and efforts. It was so helpful to all.

Linda Cox PT
Orlando Nursing Home VA

(Larry Ready).. You are one of the best reps I have come across in this industry. The way you present yourself to your amazing organizational skills. I could learn a lot from you if I had the time to ride your coat tails. Just wanted to say that cause I think you deserve to hear it!

Thanks guy!

Steven DuFresne

Walt Anderson is the best MADA rep I have had in several years, a true professional!  I look forward to working with him!

David @ Respracare

“The reason for this email is to praise one of your employees Jodi Smigelski. She has been very helpful in addressing and resolving issues with some of the manufacturers she/MSL represent. Her resolutions and recommendations have been prompt and reasonable. She is an asset to your organization and greatly appreciated by Wheelchairs Plus.

I know I appreciate when I am informed about my employees performance, either positive or negative. I assume you feel the same.”

Thank you,
TJ McEnany
Vice President
Wheelchairs Plus

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