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A video Introduction to Complex Rehab Technology - "Complex Rehab Technology- Essential for health. Essential for life." Watch this important NCART video HERE.

"Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Act Letter" - Read HERE

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About MSL Associates, Inc.

Company Overview

MSL Associates, Inc. is a Marketing, Sales and Logistics company that has been in business since 1998. Representation includes high quality manufacturers of Rehabilitation and Durable Medical Equipment. Our Team is dedicated to giving accurate and prompt answers to questions and laying a solid foundation with our referring medical professionals and providers. The MSL Team spends quality time working directly with medical professionals allowing us to develop pull-through marketing from the clinician to the provider to the manufacturer.

MSL Associates, Inc. provides representation in 21 states and Puerto Rico. Our staff includes Assistive Technology Providers; Physical and Recreational Therapists, Personal Trainers; and other professionals.

MSL Associates, Inc. is proud to be a friend of NRRTS.

Our Team looks forward to working with you!


Who is MSL Associates, Inc.?

MSL Associates, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative group. Our sales force team is directly employed by MSL Associates, Inc. and is committed to bringing you new and innovative products and profit centers. Through years of experience and continuing education we not only understand your questions but most likely have asked them ourselves.

We intend to provide outstanding service to our clients by representing some of the most unique and innovative manufacturers in our industry. Established in 1998, we have become a leader providing excellent service by utilizing the latest technology, experience, knowledge and hard work.

Win win situations are everyone’s favorite. We could never understand why they are so hard to come by. You need communication, support and value. We need dealers who will appreciate service and support provided by ourselves and the manufacturers we represent. We invite you to work with us in providing quality products and service to you, your staff, your clients and don't forget, your bottom line.



MSL Associates, Inc. had the privilege of joining forces in Washington D.C. at the 2011 CELA (Continuing Education and Legislative Advocacy) conference. Our mission was to spread the word on the need to create a Separate Benefit Category for Complex Rehab Technology. Together with our providers, clinicians, manufacturers and consumers, we visited over 200 Congressional offices with our message.

During this time we defined Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), the equipment, the type of individual that requires the equipment, the team approach in selecting the proper equipment, and the process involved in providing the equipment all which total 17 different steps. Our final request was for Congressional support or sponsorship of legislation to create a Separate Benefit Category for CRT. The fight is not over, as an industry we need to continue to battle to protect our rights and most importantly those of our consumers.

Mission Statement:
"Service, knowledge, credentials, and communication to our clients as they never thought possible."

MSL Team



How can working with MSL Associates, Inc. improve my business?

We are here to assist you in providing the best products and the best service to your customers and/or patients by....
Increasing product knowledge through informative in-services for your staff and customers on new and innovative technologies, Buying direct from our manufacturers, getting the best pricing, and highest reimbursements, Providing CEU programs that increase credibility and help drive sales, And most importantly, offer solutions that keep you successful and on top of your game.

Why should I order from a MSL Associates representative instead of ordering directly from the manufacturer?

Your local MSL Associates representative is another way to find the tools you need to be successful. By contacting your representative you are receiving personal support. Representatives deal directly with the manufacturers . This allows you to focus on your business while the local representative ensures that you receive additional brochures, orders a new part or brings in a demo piece of equipment for your patient or customer to try. These are just a few examples of the services a MSL Associates representative can offer.

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